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Nomad SOS GPS Tracker

by Alexander on April 9, 2006

Nomad SOS GPS Tracker
This Nomad SOS Tracker is wearable on a lanyard and allows tracking for anyone who needs help being found. It connects to control centers via GPS and is perfect for handicapped, elderly, or otherwise endangered individuals. Anyone who has fallen and can’t get up could use this handy device. Info from CNet Asia via 2Day.

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BMW Bluetooth Helmet

by Alexander on March 26, 2006

BMW Bluetooth Helmet
BMW has just come out with a motorcycle helmet to keep riders connected via Bluetooth. The BMW WCS-1 System 5 helmet features a Bluetooth cellphone, GPS, and music player. The helmet has been tested at 90 mph and goes for a hefty pricetag of $910 US. Info via Gearlog.

WarmX – Warming Textiles

by Jeremiah on March 16, 2006

WarmX - Warming Textiles
Tired of freezing those winter mornings? Try the WarmX undershirts, with 100% polycolon microfibre fabric that doesn’t short-circuit, is washable, and produces seven percent of a body’s heat.

You can drop your long johns and pick up one of these for EURO 258.

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