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Do You Have A Cicret?

by Jeremiah on December 5, 2014

The Cicret Bracelet

It’s very unlikely that you do, but a French company is weighing the odds on the positive side. The Cicret Bracelet is a pico-projector-powered Android bracelet designed to replace your smartphone. Or smartwatch. Or both. It projects an interface on your arm, and via it’s army of promixity sensors it can detect your finger motions for touch actions, like click and drag. No more worries about cracking your screen when you do extreme sports, or getting your phone wet or dirty when you’re at the beach. Just shake the Cicret and there is your entire smartphone on your arm.

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Onyx Keeps You Connected at Critical Moments

by Jeremiah on November 5, 2014

OnBeep Onyx

Born out of the minds of two emergency responders, Onyx is a simple device that enables any two persons to stay in good communications during emergency situations. It works like a two way radio, which is normally big and bulky, not to mention expensive, except that it uses data connection, so you could virtually be across the globe from each other.

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Fitbit Surge Fitness Watch Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Fitbit’s Surge fitness super watch is currently available for pre-order at Brookstone. Designed for fitness enthusiasts, the Surge is equipped with built-in GPS tracker and eight-sensors that give you more accurate fitness stats such as steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. It has a touchscreen display offering easy access to fitness stats. You can also track your overall sleep quality and monitor your trends by wirelessly syncing data to your smartphone and computer. It is compatible with over 60 leading smartphones. [Brookstone]

Introducing AirVR, the Silliest Virtual Reality Gear

by Jeremiah on September 16, 2014

AirVR Vector

Virtual Reality is awesome, but the Oculus Rift is expensive. For those of you with an iPad Air or an iPhone 6, you can grab the AirVR for a measly $49. The concept, while a tad silly is very efficient and simple. Just slide in your iPad Air or iPhone 6, plug in your earphones, and slide the gear over your head and you’re set. Immediately you are inside immersive Retina-quality virtual reality environments where you can do God knows what.

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Huawei Talkband

If you notice lately, we here at have been rather obsessed with wearable tech. An it looks like Huawei is also jumping on the same boat. Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu revealed that the company is planning to release an Android Wear-powered smartwatch in 2015. This won’t be the first time Huawei attempts on a wearable device, but their previously released TalkBand (pictured above) was a tad primitive and was not based on Android Wear.

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