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Beacon & Lively introduces the advent of jewelry designed to keep you connected in a stylish and comfortable way. With ambient colors and gentle vibrations their cuff will politely alert you when someone is calling or texting, so no need to constantly check your bag or leave your phone on the table anymore. You can stay connected to what’s most important to you, in your own convenient way, and with a flick of the wrist it’s off. Made from high quality plated metal you can choose gold, silver or black, and it actually looks good on you.

Beacon & Lively

Find out who is calling without looking at your phone by custom programming the illumination colors and patterns. Red for your lover, green for the gardener, blue for your boss, you can set custom colors and patterns for people and alerts you care about.

Beacon & Lively Sizes

The cuff is planned for release this month, and you can grab one on their Kickstarter page.

OwnPhones Custom-Fitted Earphones

Imagine, earphones custom-fitted to your ears, so comfortable they become a part of you. Such is the magic of OwnPhones. You simply upload a video of your ear, and choose from thousands of designs. They will build a 3D model just for you, custom print it, and there you have your own personalized, state of the art custom earphones. Their technology will also enable you to control environmental sounds, choose what you want to hear, turn notifications on and off, and let others know whether you are busy or available. You will be in the like of Ender, Speaker of the Dead, with your own Jane.

Walk Again with the FDA Approved ReWalk

by Anna on July 4, 2014

Taga Rewalk Exoskeleton

The US Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the most revolutionary robotic device – the ReWalk. It will enable people confined to wheel chairs due to injuries in the spinal cord to walk again. This is the first ever exoskeleton that is completely robotic and approved for home use in the US. The device will aid walking by moving the lower limbs of the person wearing it.

The ReWalk is strapped on the person’s legs and also onto the upper body for support. There is a motor at every joint including the ankles, knees and hips that is entirely controlled by an internal computer. The leg sections are enforced by additional straps near the midsection which also connect with the backpack containing the power batteries and the internal computer.

The wireless remote controller is worn on the wrist. The user stills needs crutches to stabilize him, but this device has great promise for the future as more research will be carried out to make it the best of its kind.

Recon Jet – Ironman Eyewear

by Jeremiah on June 29, 2014

Recon Jet Girl

Dream of becoming Tony Stark? Enter the Recon Jet and you might just get a decent preview of what it’s like to be Ironman. Shipping this fall through Amazon and other channels, this state-of-the-art eye wear will give you the ability to navigate, connect, check weather, and access  relevant information to your activity with its powerful microcomputer and full-color high resolution display. It also comes with built-in sensors, GPS, an HD video camera, microphone, and speakers, all controllable via its optical touch sensor. Weighing only 60 grams this device was built with total comfort in mind, and its polarized optics will ensure perfect vision. They are currently giving away one Recon Jet per month on their website, so you might get lucky if you hurry.

Recon Jet

Recon Jet Biker

What Type of Headphones Should I Buy?

by Jeremiah on September 14, 2013

New technologies have completely revolutionised the way we listen to music and as such have increased its popularity immensely. It is now possible and very common to see people listening to music via headphones on the train, in the park and even in the library. If you want to take advantage of listening privately whilst being stood in a public place, then headphones are the most important accessory you could own. However headphones have evolved dramatically and there are now many different brands, styles, types and features and all of these can be more than a little confusing when thinking about which ones you should purchase. Brands such as House of Marley available at Superfi also offer wireless versions of their accessories such as cordless headphones.

Gone are the days when headphones consisted of two speakers, covered in a small layer of black foam and connected at each ear by a thin piece of metal which was shaped to fit over the top of a person’s head. While this style is still available they are now made with much more comfortable material such as soft plastic and heavily cushioned with foam covered in leather or similar.

They are now available in a variety of different sizes and colours and can be folded away neatly to fit securely in and handbag or pocket. A popular choice nowadays is earphones, as the name suggests these sit snugly at the entrance to the ear canal, they are small, light and discreet. They enable runners and other sports persons to listen to music while training as wires are easy to tuck away and they do not get in the way of any equipment or machinery that may be used.

Another popular choice for those who take part in sports or fitness is ear buds, these are similar to earphones but smaller still and actually sit inside the ear canal, they are smaller, more discreet and fit very securely which means they are much less likely to fall out that the other types. Each of these types is very popular and do have a lot of advantages however each also has at least one disadvantage. Headphones are great but can slip off easily and are also uncomfortable for some glasses wearers after a while of being in use, earphones are uncomfortable if you have small or misshapen ears and can fall out easily whereas ear buds can be equally uncomfortable and can also introduce infection into the ear if not kept clean.

When you have considered the type of accessory you want to buy you then need to decide if you want them wired or wireless. Cordless headphones available at Superfi are easy to store and more convenient for freedom of movement, however they can only be used on certain Bluetooth compatible devices and will need regular charging or battery changes.