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Sennheiser MM70I In-Ear Headphones Now Available In Canada

The Sennheiser MM70I in-ear headphones are currently available in Canada via Future Shop. These earphones come equipped with six ear adapters made of silicone that block unwanted noise. There is also a new smart in-line remote with built-in microphone that works seamlessly with latest generations of iPod, iPhone and the iPad. This remote allows you to end or reject a phone call, and activate Voice Control without reaching for the source device. You have instant control of the volume, and you can play or pause, and skip to the next or previous track. The Sennheiser MM70I in-ear headphones retail for $129.99. [Future Shop]

Urbanears Plattan Tweed Edition Headphones

by Johan on October 28, 2012

Plattan Tweed Edition Headphones

Urbanears has unveiled the new Tweed Edition headphones. These headphones feature brown ear-caps, a brown textile cord with Kevlar core and a hand sewn Harris Tweed label to ensure its authenticity. The Plattan Tweed Edition headphones are covered in hand-woven Harris Tweed, which is made from 100 percent virgin wool. These headphones also come with a ZoundPlug on the ear cap, allowing a friend to plug in and enjoy your music. The Plattan Tweed Edition headphones are priced at $110. [Urbanears]

MIO Active Connect Fitness Weigh Loss Watch

by Johan on October 26, 2012

MIO Active Connect Fitness Weigh Loss Watch

The new MIO Active Connect Fitness Weigh Loss Watch is designed to accurately measure and records heart rate and motion (steps, speed,distance). This wearable gadget provides a complete record of the calories you burn all day, not just during exercise. You can also plug it into your PC to upload your personal stats or sync with Facebook, Twitter or MyFitnessPal. The MIO Active Connect Fitness Weigh Loss Watch retails for $129.99 each. [Product Page]

Yamaha HPH-PRO Series High-Performance Headphones

Yamaha has recently introduced two new high-performance headphones models in the HPH-PRO series. Known as the PRO500 and PRO300, both headphones feature a dedicated iPhone/iPod remote and a microphone. The Yamaha PRO500 headphones come equipped with a pair of 50mm drivers, offering a 22-22,000 Hz frequency response with a 22-Ohm impedance and a 105 dB sensitivity. The Yamaha PRO300 headphones feature a pair of 40mm drivers that produce a 20-20,000 Hz frequency response with a 53-Ohm impedance and a 107 dB sensitivity. The Yamaha PRO500 and PRO300 will be released in December 2012 for 50,000 Yen ($620) and 30,000 Yen ($375), respectively. [Akihabara]

Recon Instruments Unveils New Flight HUD Goggles

Recon Instruments has proudly announced the limited release of an innovative HUD designed specifically for precision human flight. Originally designed for snow sports, the Flight HUD goggles feature a tiny LCD screen that displays speed, altitude and glide ratio in real time. The Flight HUD is available from for $299 for the first 250 pre-orders and $349 thereafter. Watch the video after the jump. Read more