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Elecom Unveils A New Dual-Band WiFi Router

by Isaiah on March 26, 2015


Elecom has unveiled a new dual-band WiFi router to its range, the WRH-733G. Corresponding to the ‘Draft 11ac’ (the new standard for Wireless LAN IEEE802.11ac), this compact and lightweight WiFi router is equipped with one Internet LAN port, one LAN port and a WPS button, and supports for dual-band WiFi access point (2.4GHz – 300Mbps and 5GHz – 433Mbps).

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Cyborg Unplug

Wireless networking is awesome, but it’s hard work to maintain and keep secure especially when you run a business like a cafe or you have many friends coming in and out of your house. One too many users slowing down or even snooping in on your wireless traffic isn’t cool, but now with Cyborg Unplug you can boot them.

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Amazon Echo: The Future Is Here… Almost

by Jeremiah on November 13, 2014

Amazon Echo

“Good morning Alexa, please make me a cup of coffee.”

“Good morning sir, unfortunately in this version I am not equipped with pairs of limbs to execute your order. How else may I help you?”

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Internet for Farmers via Unused UHF Spectrum

by Jeremiah on September 10, 2014


The holy grail of wireless communications is to go both fast and far. Usually, you can have one or the other but not both. Wireless local area networks today can serve data very fast, but one brick wall and they’re done. UHF can travel far, but it hasn’t had the high capacity of WiFi.
~ Edward Knightly, professor and chair of Rice’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Researchers from Rice University’s Wireless Network Group recently found a way to make use of a slice of the radio spectrum that is traditionally reserved for TV broadcasts – generally known as UHF – to transmit internet signal.

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Monster Soundstage

Monster, famous for their original Beats headphones, as well as their line of speakers and AV cables, now enters the sound streaming game with the SoundStage Wireless Music System. With today’s demands for distributed music, Monster responds with not just one product, but three: the S1 ($199.95), the S2 ($299.95) and the S3 ($399.95). Each features a leather top surface and beautiful ultra-slim design and they also all support Bluetooth, USB charging, 3.5mm input and digital optical for TV audio, on top of the WiFi streaming capability.

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