Technology Sector Salary Guide 2016

by Kevin on October 29, 2015

Tech Salary Guide

I came across the Robert Half 2015 Salary Guide online and it impressed me on just how essential it is for us to know about the kind of insights into a career covering salaries and other benefits that employers offer and employees seek. It’s something that slips the mind, with some of us entering into long term graduate jobs and highly sought after positions, never thinking in enough detail or with enough foundation how much we ‘should’ be getting paid. So how do we know the correct figure? We all want to be paid as highly as possible, whereas companies only want to pay us the bare minimum needed to retain our skills. This report taught me that employers will actually pay above the industry standard if they think you’re the right candidate and at risk of leaving for another competing company. That’s one reason why I’d recommend that you Technology graduates and career-ladder-climbers make it a priority to check out the report.

So why is the Robert Half salary guide worth my time? Is it accurate? Fair question. I myself wondered what made it so credible. You only have to ask around, you’ll find that many employers and high-level employees around you – perhaps in your organisation – know the name. The industry has been using it for decades! And as such, it has been developed year after year to take more useful factors into consideration and issues that surround the hiring aspect of all industries – not just the technology sector. The report gives salary ranges for over 270 permanent roles in the UK alone. The data originates from thousands of placements made by professionals annually meaning only real world and meaningful data was used to compose the figures you read through the report. About as accurate as it gets! They’ve even compiled data from HM Revenue & Customs and the Office for National Statistics, so it’s in line with many other reports and articles you’ve been diving into trying to find the right technology sector role for you.

Today we’re experiencing a skills shortage in the technology sector, as some of our best graduates here in the UK are going abroad where they’re finding great employment packages in some of the worlds best companies. But that’s having an impact, there’s a shortage of skills here at home. This is resulting in companies having to make incentives such as salary higher in order to retain the high level employees they need to operate such as yourself. We’re all aware of the thriving technology industry and all of its sub-sectors growing rapidly in a way only technology can permit. More and more temporary interns are being contracted to cope with the demand, alongside permanent professionals in a steady, stable role. This is affecting small and large companies, so you can be sure it’s going to have an effect on you wherever you are based.

94% of companies in the UK depend on technology as an important role in their operation. Whether you install and maintain new systems, look after security and data storage or develop and implement software companies are offering salaries to match the value of your role to them. IT services are having the greatest impact in the UK right now, CIOs are saying they expect to increase salaries for these employees which is great from an employee standpoint, but companies are simply responding to the ever changing industry and depend on these professionals. Of course, other areas are affected of the technology industry too. And the only way to check your specific angle, whether you be a technology professional or company manager who manages the technology resources of your organisation is to dive into the report and see for yourself the latest figures for the new year 2016.

And why wouldn’t you read it? 7 in 10 IT candidates are now more likely to negotiate their salary with employers helping them to get the most out of their career journey. You could too, with a simply read through the report. It’s available right now and doesn’t cost anything to view. There are tables listing an extensive number of roles and comparisons with previous years – even change percentage for your convenience. Overall I found the report very user friendly, easy to understand and a HELL of a lot useful! – Oh, and the experts have even done the same for other sectors such as business, accounting and more so why not pass it to your inter-departmental friends for them to see too! It’s a PDF file report and can be saved and or sent.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the most out of your career and employment as a technology professional! Check out the Technology Sector Salary Guide for 2016 in its whole.

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