The $5 Computer: Raspberry Pi Zero

by Kevin on December 9, 2015

The $5 Computer: Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Zero has revolutionized the computer industry by offering the aspiring computer programmer a $5 computer to practice on. This is a far more affordable computer than anything else in its class.


The Raspberry Pi Zero contains 1GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, a microSD slot, HDMI out (including 1080p output capability), micro-USB sockets, and more. It’s also the smallest form factor ever created by Raspberry Pi, measuring a mere 65mm x 30mm x 5mm. All of these features add up to a disproportionately powerful start to a miniature computing and automation device, all for an extremely low price, $5.


Raspberry Pi Zero is available in the United Kingdom at The Pi Hut and Pimoroni and in North America through Adafruit and The Micro Center. It offers an enormous segment of the population the chance to create and program their own computerized products. An IT support Los Angeles firm considers the Raspberry Pi Zero a great experimental device for individuals interested in the computer field. Even with its minuscule size and price, the Raspberry Pi Zero doesn’t skimp on the power necessary to run the applications and programs you’re used to with the Raspberry Pi OS.


With its drastically reduced cost, deep set of available features, and potential for unlocking the imagination and ideas of those who use it, the Raspberry Pi Zero represents a new paradigm in the digital age – one of wider and freer access to the power of computers. Whether you’re interested in it for its many uses in education, convenience, hobbies, or careers, the Raspberry Pi Zero offers its users a tiny computer that packs a lot of punch into its frame and for its price point.

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