These Countries Have Lightning-Fast Internet Speeds

by Kevin on September 24, 2014

Lightning Internet Speed

It’s not unbelievable to imagine that someone obsessed with having a fast internet connection would move across town where another ISP has better service. But would you move to another country? If you’re willing to pack up and move (and potentially learn a new language) for the fastest internet speeds on Earth, here are 10 countries you should consider.

10. Belgium. With an average peak speed of 38.5 Mbps, Belgium has the 10th fastest internet connection in the world according to a 2014 report released by Akamai, the cloud storage company. This marks an 18% increase from the previous report.

9. Netherlands. Topping out at an average of 39.6 Mbps, Holland has increased its top speeds by about 1.9% since the last report from Akamai.

8. Taiwan. This country’s booming tech industry gave it plenty of incentive to increase their broadband speeds by over 50% since 2013 to an average peak speed of 42.7 Mbps.

7. Latvia. Although their small country is only about 25,000 sq. miles in size, the Latvians made sure that every inch of it had access to super-fast internet speeds. Their average peak broadband speed is 43.1 Mbps.

6. Romania. While it has fallen from its previous number 3 spot, Romania’s average peak broadband speed is faster than most, at 45.4 megabits per second.

5. Israel. Making huge strides over the past year, Israel has seen its average peak broadband speed jump by over 55% to 47.7 Mbps.

4. Singapore. This tiny Southeast Asian city-state has only a an area of 276 square miles and a population of 5.4 million, but its internet broadband speed, at an average peak speed of 50.1 megabits per second , is almost triple that of the worldwide average of 17.9 Mbps. That is an increase in speed of nearly two-thirds over a year.

3. Japan. It’s probably no surprise that the home country for the headquarters of some of the world’s most recognized technology brands such as Sony and Nintendo has breakneck internet speeds. Much of the country is networked with high-speed fiber optic cable, allowing for an average peak broadband speed of 52 megabits per second.

2. South Korea. Home to mobile technology giants such as Samsung and LG, South Korea has average peak broadband connections of 63.6 megabits per second, over three times the global average.

1. Hong Kong. Always a favorite to top the list of average broadband speeds, Hong Kong has an average peak broadband speed of 65.4 megabits per second, which is nearly four times the world average. The tiny but population-dense island nation is committed to just getting faster and faster, it seems. They have increased their speed by over 21% since last year. Akamai says that Hong Kong’s continued reign might have something to do with the country’s investments in FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network infrastructure, which is paid for with relatively high broadband rates for the country’s customers.

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