Three Mobile Gaming Trends to Expect this Year

by Kevin on April 8, 2016


Mobile gaming is becoming the most dominant platform in the promptly succeeding sector.

There are numbers to validate this opinion too. In the last three years gaming revenues produced by tablets have magnified because of the fact that social gaming market will be worth $17.4 billion by the end of 2019; which is an impressive growth. People are now playing online games at mobile casino at vipclubcasino more often. If these fact findings are to be considered there is no uncertainty that the mobile gaming world will be more profitable on regular basis.

Keeping the facts, it is worth recognizing any innovative trends and developments that will further illustrate the mobile gaming market in 2016.

Traditional Game Publishers will continue to go Mobile

Prime developer Activision set a new trend when they acquired Candy Crush maker’s King in a $5.9 billion deal last year. Notably, since this purchase we have observed an exponential number of traditional game broadcasters make mobile a dominant priority, considering Bethesda (who issued the seminal fallout shelter in 2015). This will retain quickly in 2016, and the traditional developers of mobile gaming will progress. This can be viewed by Agent 47 which is a propounded release; as a periodic gaming franchise, which has adopted heavily from the mobile business model.

Android Games Continue to Thrive

Google published that it planned to develop its operations in China in the recent posts. The description of this development are not known yet, it is assumed that this will implicate return the exponentially growing Google Play store in the Far East. Connecting a recent fragmented market and developing an expanded range of West-to-China crossover confronts for participants to enjoy would be a drastic advantage to developers and the Chinese gaming world. It will shrink the space between Apple and Google stores, adding the variety and depth to the industry.

Console Sales will enter freefall

The figures show that desktop and console gaming stays more famous than the mobile platform in the recent times. The influence on having console sales and development and the serious expansion of mobile market is not taken into account. Gartner has reckoned that the sale of console games and platforms could decrease as much as 40% in 2016 keeping in account on the technological development and innovations, mobile games and bingo sites of

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