Tips for creating a good mobile website design

by Kevin on December 20, 2015

Mobile Web Design

According to a recent survey 1.75 billion people around the world will be using their Smartphones to access net regularly. And these people will not just be using their mobiles to make calls or send messages, they will be doing a lot more to make their presence visible in the web world. If your website is not designed properly for handling optimal traffic you could be losing out on a lot of business.

If you wish to create a great mobile website design, which is customer friendly in every sense of the term, with those who are viewing it on their mobile devices getting the maximum information out of it. Then follow these suggestions given by mobile experts and web design professionals.

  1. Make your website a technologically mobile responsive one. There are several responsive technology frameworks available in the market. What do these frameworks do? They have simple ways to lay out the elements in grid and then transfer that grid onto different screens. Screens can be big or small. Responsive technologies on the other hand have a unified approach to web development. This way users get the same experience no matter how they access web, be it through desktop, phones or tablets.
  2. Your site should be single finger-friendly.

In short your users should be able to navigate everything on the site with just one-finger. There should be no use for the other hand. If a user has to expand the content, this would mean that the content has not been properly optimized or too less for the device.

Additionally the buttons and menu navigation should also be big for fat fingers. Many a time a website is resized by using CSS media queries, that ends up giving the user many misplaced clicks which is a total put off.

Targets on the mobile interfaces should be large enough to be easily selected. This is done by giving the tap elements 45 to 47 pixels of space. This allows targets to be easily selected and reduces the number of accidental taps for the user.

  1. Design should be simple and clean.

A clutter free design is easily readable, accessible and navigable. Too many frills on a site will distract the user from the essence that the website intends to convey. If images are used then it is important to use only lesser byte images for clarity and faster loading. Users should not be made to wait for a longer time for the images to load.

  1. Crisp, brief content is the best.

If you intend to tell your story, make it brief but to the point way. Users do not have the time to read lengthy dramas on a mobile phone. So keep it simple and sweet. The essential matter has to told quickly without allowing the user to scroll down too much.

  1. Icons are the smartest way to convey more than words.

To keep your site clean, minimize content but at the same time convey the meaning without the usage of a thousand words – then an icon serves the best. Make use of conventional time-tested icons for ‘call’, ‘menu’ or ‘share socially’ features.

Make use of these essential tips to optimize the value of your site and increase the number of visits.

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