Top 5 Custom USB Sticks on the Market Today!

by Jeremiah on April 27, 2012

Custom USB sticks are all the rage at the moment, and consumers are clamouring for the latest stylish designs. A fantastic marketing tool, companies use custom USB sticks as an eye-catching, fun and useful promotional gift for their clients. Branded USB sticks can be used as corporate gifts in preference to unbranded versions, to provide a simple yet effective way of underlining brand loyalty amongst employees. A bespoke custom USB stick can give companies that extra edge, with USB producers able to work from almost any design given to them, for a truly unique desktop item. From beer glass USB sticks bearing the brewer’s name and logo, to wine corks for wine-sellers and dinky cars for the automotive industry, the choice is endless.

So where do you start? We have rounded up the top five custom USB sticks to help you make your choice. Or perhaps you are simply intrigued by these dinky, playful items appearing in offices and at trade fairs around the world. Maybe you would like to treat a friend to an up-to-the-minute, techno-savvy present.

1. The Drink Container

A brilliantly conceived idea, this USB stick can be adapted to your particular kind of drink or product, following the design of the containers that your company uses. With the stick moulded in see-through plastic and the interior of the stick containing what looks like beer or wine, or whatever your drink happens to be, the effect is impressive, and very realistic.

2. The Donut

A USB stick with a touch of humour, two tasty-looking donuts nestle together, coated in pink, spotted icing. Looking good enough to eat, this item would be a brilliant marketing device for those in the catering industry. Producers can fashion whatever foodstuff you fancy onto the USB stick, from miniature hamburgers to sushi. The memory stick pokes its head out from between two layers of a wafer biscuit or a slice of quiche, for a witty, relevant gift.

3. The guitar

Open up your swanky, red and white miniature guitar, to reveal your means of accessing data from your computer. Musical instruments and related items, such as cassette tapes, add a touch of class to your promotional or corporate activities. Made from materials to match the real thing, with shiny finishes for rock guitars, and smooth matt effects for cassette tapes, these USB sticks look great on your desk or plugged into your laptop when you’re on the go.

4. The bottle opener

Fully functioning bottle openers are a very clever, sleek addition to your home and office equipment. In chic designs, and small enough to fit into your pocket, you’ll find you can mix business with pleasure with this particular custom USB stick!

5. The beer bottle

This is a classic custom design, which can be tailored to your individual specifications. From quirky rubber casing, to the gleaming glass effect, you can dream up whatever design you want to impress your clients with at the next party. With such an iconic image, you can’t go wrong.

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