How VoIP Will Revolutionize Your Business

by Kevin on July 13, 2016


You may remember how secretaries in the old days had to stop typing or performing regular tasks to answer the phone. With the Internet involved in almost every area of communication, multitasking has never been easier. The ability for employees to make calls on the internet while browsing the web and sending text messages can make your business more productive and enable you to make business calls wherever you go. VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is used in many applications including Skype and is quickly replacing the conventional phone in personal and business situations.

What Is VoIP?

You probably use VoIP on a daily basis, even if you are not sure what VoIP really is. The technology was developed by Don Burns and involves a conversion of voice to data signals. Calls are transmitted over computer networks including the Internet. The result is a conversation in real time with two-way transmission. Vonage arrived early onto the VoIP scene followed by Skype which is still popular today. In fact, it is a sign of professionalism to place your Skype address along with your phone number at the bottom of emails, since Skype is often the preferred method of communication in business.

In the early days of VoIP technology, there were often some glitches including frequent dropped calls and uneven voice quality. However, as the technology has improved, dropped calls are less frequent, especially for those who have state-of-the-art technology and fast Internet. Voice quality can be improved with the help of a headset, although quality programs like Skype deliver reliable sound most of the time. Today’s VoIP offers video options as well as sound, and some cases, the option to text while calling or sending files. The days of propping a phone up between your cheek and your shoulder while you write something down are long gone.

The Advantages of VoIP

Your business can benefit from VoIP technology, which is often referred to as telephony. One of the most notable advantages of telephony is the lower price. Phone bills once consumed a large amount of a company’s budget, but were a necessary expense of doing business. Telephony can be free or low-cost and easy to install. You do not need advanced technical know-how to download and install an Internet phone program on your computer. In the old days, phone malfunction required repair which meant waiting for a technician to arrive. Now troubleshooting is much easier with customer service or a helpdesk from your VoIP service.

With your Internet phone, you can get much more done than with a conventional phone, since the same program that gives you the ability to transmit voice signals also allows you to send text messages, images, audio files and search the Internet while speaking. You can also hold meetings and conference calls more easily with Internet phone service than you conventional telephones. You can take your Internet phone service anywhere on a mobile device and save money on making calls.

Marketing through telephone calls is easier with the help of VoIP, because you can follow up on a call instantly by sending a text message or an email with more information or a brochure attached.  There is no need to hang up the phone while the person on the other end of the call wonders how long it will take to receive materials, since you can send and discuss the contents of an attachment in real time. This seamless communication involves no delays and can make it easier to make a sale or persuade a prospective client without the waiting time.

Another advantage of using Internet phone is that you can show material immediately and refer to it during the course of conversation. It is easier to have a discussion with someone about a particular spreadsheet or document if you’re both looking at it while connected to the Internet and talking on the phone. Organizing conference calls is much easier with the help of the Internet phone and presentations are less complex.

Communication Is the Key

VoIP technology has improved by leaps and bounds since it was first developed, and continues to revolutionize the art of doing business for large and small companies. Thanks to seamless messaging, clear voice transmission and ease of multitasking, e-commerce and direct selling have never been easier. Through a simple phone call, a salesperson can guide a potential customer through an online store, discuss and point out other items to place in the shopping cart and provide information about a particular product or service. Your company can communicate with clients through every step the transaction and provide customer service after purchase.

Communication is the key to good relationships, and that’s also true a business, whether it’s among your employees or to new clients. VoIP technology has made communication seamless, cuts costs and improves efficiency for countless businesses. Companies no longer have to treat the high cost of phone service as a fact of doing business and can get more out of a typical workday. Employees find Internet phone technology easier to use and clients can be won over more readily with smooth communication.

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