What To Consider When Shopping For A POS

by Kevin on August 27, 2014

LightSpeed Point of Sales Mac

For many businesses, a Point of Sales system is an absolute necessity to conduct business. Choosing a POS system that works for your company requires research and understanding what your business needs. It’s important for you to be prepared and ask for help if needed. When you’re prepared, finding the system that is right for you is a matter of simply knowing what to look for.

Be Ready
Your POS system should be exactly what you need, when you need it. Most basic setups come with a screen, printer, and cash drawer. Additional hardware, like a scanner or card reader, can be included as needed. Always know what your business needs. With the use of a tablet, your POS hardware can even become mobile, allowing you to service more customers and meet their needs.

Be Easy
Getting new technology can be daunting enough, especially when your entire staff has to learn it, so keep it as user friendly as possible. Look for POS equipment that meets the needs of your particular business without extras to overcomplicate things. Keep business flowing by utilizing software that doesn’t require a week’s worth of training just to get started. Software design for POS systems has come a long way and there’s no need to revert to the stone age.

Be Capable
If your machine is only printing out receipts and opening cash drawers than it is probably time to upgrade. Newer POS systems have several different features, including time management, inventory, and loyalty programs. You need your system to work for you. It should also be able to provide reports so you can constantly know where your business stands.

Be Future-Ready
There is no point of investing in a POS that isn’t going to meet your needs in the near future. Look for systems that have the ability to add on peripherals and allow you to update software as needed. New technology is constantly being created and you’ll want to be able to accept the latest digital wallet, smartcards, mobile apps, and Bluetooth beacons. Software is crucial to your business’ operation. Some POS systems even have an open platform that allow you to have an application created specifically for your business. Ensure your system is expandable, should your business ever require more POS systems or more locations.

Be Flexible
Your POS system will utilize software for smooth operation. You want your software to work for you and support a range of credit card providers. Some software binds you into an agreement with specific processors. Always look out for your business’ best interest and find a system that works for you. Flexibility is particularly important if your business is mobile. You need a system that allows you to take your POS with you.

Be Secure
Ensure that your system is secure is not only beneficial to your customers, but also to your business. Your machine should be EMV-compliant, meaning it accepts Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. These machines read a special encrypted chip inside the card for added security measures. Hackers are finding new ways to steal credit card information so it’s important to ensure your system is safe.


Whatever you chose, be prepared for a bit of a learning curve. Doing what’s best for your business means staying on top of technology and looking towards the future. The future holds a world of possibility that can open the doors towards growth and expansion of your company.

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