Why TechFresh.net Is Hosted with A Small Orange

by Jeremiah on July 3, 2014

A Small OrangeHosting a high traffic site is tricky business. Site’s up, site’s down, which do you expect? Unfortunately for a tech blog such as ours it’s not that simple to keep our site up and running 24/7, glitch free. Through our many years of hosting with different providers, we’ve always had to face repeated downtime, due to massive traffic spikes, and sadly, sometimes to the web host’s incompetent nature.

But uptime is only a tip of the iceberg, we also crave for speed, flexibility, and scalability in order to serve our readers well. On top of that price had also always been a ruling factor over the years. In the beginning we spent hundreds of dollars on dedicated servers and massive VPS’es, only to disappoint. Luckily we bumped into the good folks at A Small Orange, where efficiency is key. We are now paying sub-$100 a month for a VPS that magically fits our heavy needs, with very little to no downtime at all. How do they do it, we’re not really sure, since others in the same class have failed us many times before. But we were raised not to question our luck, and with wind power backing them and an excellent team of support technicians, we have zero complaint to date.

So take an orange, and have a good day folks!

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