Why We Love Gaming (And You Should Too)

by Kevin on January 19, 2016


Gaming has long been a controversial topic with some people claiming it has more drawbacks than benefits. However, new studies are showing that gaming, especially mobile gaming, can actually lead people to be more relaxed and happier.

Gaming Relieves Stress

Some people read books, others watch TV, and still others use mobile gaming as a way of stress relief. In fact, in a study conducted in October 2013, 50 percent of participants cited stress relief as the reason they play mobile games. The act of focusing solely on the game’s objective allows gamers to clear their minds of work, school, and family stress for the duration of the game, and might even lead them to a clearer mind and new perspective once they are done playing.

You Can Connect With the People You Love

People who don’t live close to loved ones sometimes find it difficult to see them often. Different schedules make it hard to find common free time. Mobile gaming provides a way for people to connect with the people they love via more than a simple text. Finding a few minutes to play a game is much easier than finding a few hours to drive, hang out, and drive again. Many games are based on taking turns, making it even easier for someone to pick up their phone or tablet and play a round when they have time.

Mobile Games Might Be More Affordable

Many people love mobile gaming because it’s more affordable than traditional gaming. The average console runs hundreds of dollars and games are often at least $50 when first released. Mobile gaming doesn’t make as much of a dent in the wallet. Players already have phones and tablets, so there is no need to buy a special device, and the games range from free to usually no more than $20. Add-ins are optional and generally cheaper than the expansion packs for traditional games.

Play Is Faster and More Rewarding

Because mobile gaming is designed to be used on the go, leveling up in the games is often much easier to do. This is especially beneficial for people who might become frustrated with traditional games that require specific missions be completed before moving on. Many games, such as the slot game Jammy Duck, provide rewards such as bonus reels, free spins, and other extras for loyal gamers. The might even offer real cash prizes, something people won’t find in most games on traditional consoles. You can find Jammy Duck on the appstore.

Gaming Can Boost Learning

One thing mobile gaming and traditional gaming have in common is the fact that some experts believe both types of gaming can boost learning in children and adults. Puzzle games can improve critical thinking, slot machine games might help with math skills as gamers try to determine odds of winning, and even “shoot ‘em up” games can help to improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination in players.

Whether gaming to procrastinate for a few more minutes or gaming for the competition surrounding the hobby, there is no denying the benefits. When done in moderation, people of all ages can reap the rewards.

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