Your Child and eReaders

by Jeremiah on June 30, 2013

Parents are faced with more than what to name their babies, how to dress them, what school they should attend, and what to make for dinner. Thanks to new technology, the decision of whether or not to buy their child the newest gadgets on the market pervades their parenting choices daily. One of those new technological breakthroughs, the eReader for electronic books, can be a good choice for parents and children. Some people feel kids don’t need that type of technology at a young age, but a growing number of people see a need for it. There are many benefits to having an eReader for children.

Traveling Library
All parents know that bringing books along for your child on trips is important. With regular books you or your child can only carry so many at a time before you run out of room in your bag. With eBooks, though, you now have hundreds of titles right at your fingertips in a slim, compact, lightweight device. If our child becomes bored of one book they are reading, they can easily swap to another. They may finish one book, and can choose from another all in the same device without having to lug around a bunch of books.

Learning Features
One positive aspect to owning an eReader is that they interact with your child as they read. This is great for kids of all ages as it helps to build reading and reasoning skills. Children that are just learning to read can get help in sounding out words, they stay engaged, and the lights and sounds that accompany the stories are entertaining and teach hand-eye coordination. Older kids get the benefit of learning new things about books they love. For instance, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid eBook has been very popular and the eReader has a version that gives behind-the-scenes looks of the making of the movie. Plus, it tells your child more about the book and characters they love.

Teaches Computer Skills
Part of the learning features of eReaders is that they can teach computer skills, too, which is something your child will need to know. If your child is reading an eBook and he or she wants to know anything about the book, save a page, select an excerpt, or share something from the book, they will be learning computer skills each time they use these features.

It lasts
Any parent can testify that it won’t take long and regular books are pretty much done for thanks to slobber, torn pages, colorings in the book, and just simple wear and tear. Regular books are also hard to clean, so they can spread germs among younger kids that may put them in their mouths. If your child shares the book, you may never get it back. Lost and damaged books can be avoided by eReaders, which make it easy to read, re-read, and share books often.

There are benefits to buying your child an eReader. These devices are becoming quite popular, and some classrooms are even using them. They can teach computer skills, teach your child new things about old favorite books, and they last longer than paper books.

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