ZRRO: The Latest Gaming Experience

by Kevin on February 24, 2015

Just what exactly is Zrro I hear you cry? Zrro (pronounced as ‘zero’) is the new gaming console that offers smartphone gamers a little something extra that they’ve been screaming out for up to now. For those wishing to beam their smartphone games directly on to their big screen TV’s is reasonably easy with the use of devices such as the Apple TV or Google Chromecast, however, the issue has always been how best to control the games once they’re in streaming mode.


The Zrro comes with a hover and touch controller, powered by its own zTouch technology, which is able to impressively imitate normal touchscreen functionality right up on your big screen. It makes this Android based console a must have for online gamers looking to get more from their experience. But it’s not just games that can be enjoyed by using the console and controller it will also work for millions of other Android apps.


The controller will mirror the positions of your fingers and any gestures you carry out on your TV screen practically turning it into a giant sized tablet for you to enjoy. This will help with any precision movements and more accurate controls over all your in-game action. The Zrro box itself is powered by its 2.0 GHz quad core processor, contains 2 GB of RAM and also is packed out with 16 GB of additional internal storage. You can plug it directly in to any TV with an HDMI slot and it even has the capability of an ultra high definition 4K output meaning all your gameplay can be enjoyed at the highest resolution possible giving you crisper and more vivid colours.


This all sounds like a fantastic prospect for gamers but the only drawback is the project is still in its crowdfunding stage so in order to get things properly rolling there’s still a bit of backing to be found. However, if the campaign is successful it will likely launch with a massive library of games that’ll be compatible using the new device. Then of course if it catches on as a hot selling product by its own right then it won’t take long for developers and game manufactures to cotton on and begin developing their own compatible game offerings. We’ll no doubt see makers begin pumping out fast-paced racing games, casino bonuses being used with online poker play, stimulating strategy games and even well crafted multiplayer experiences all made especially for owners of this new gaming innovation.

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